Work with a Personal Accountant in Auckland

Are you looking for a personal accountant in Auckland? Humphries Associates offer dependable accounting expertise and sensible advice to help you reduce the stress of complicated financial affairs. Our friendly team is trusted by clients both big and small to meet their tax obligations and provide guidance on how to optimise their personal accounting. Most people don’t require an accountant, as their employer takes care of their PAYE, student loan repayments, and other financial obligations. However, if you have multiple income sources – no matter how small – or more complicated financial affairs, it’s recommended you engage with a personal accountant.

How we can help as your personal accountant

The team at Humphries Associates can work with you one-on-one to help with all your accounting requirements. Our personalised advice can help reduce your tax bill, maximise your annual income, and put systems in place to help you achieve your wealth goals.

Working with a personal accountant is not just for the super-rich. Even if you just own one investment property, have income from investments, or receive income from other sources, an accountant can make sure you take advantage of all the tax breaks you are entitled to.

Business Owners

Here’s what we can offer:

  • Preparing your financial records. We can work with you to ensure you have accurate and up-to-date financial records. This helps you stay on top of your financial affairs and make better decisions.

  • Preparing your tax returns. We will prepare and submit your tax returns for you and ensure you don’t pay any more tax than you need to. We can also ensure you’re receiving all of the benefits and tax breaks you are entitled to, such as Working for Families.

  • Tax advice. If you have multiple income sources and/or investment income, you might be paying too much tax. We can advise you on this, then implement tax minimisation strategies so you can reduce your annual tax bill and remain compliant with IRD requirements.

  • Representing you. We can represent you with the IRD if any disputes arise or they carry out an audit of your financials. We have thousands of hours of experience working with the IRD, so you can trust we’ll represent you well and get you the best possible outcome.

  • Investment advice. If you currently own or want to invest in property or buy a business, our experienced team can guide you on your journey. We provide sound investment advice based on our decades of investment and business experience.

5 great reasons to work with Humphries Associates

1. We are Chartered Accountants

The senior accountants at Humphries Associates are all Chartered Accountants. This means that we have all been vetted and examined by Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CA ANZ) to ensure our competence. Our team also undertakes regular upskilling to ensure we stay at the forefront of accounting trends and tax regulations in NZ.

2. Fast and accurate service

When you work with Humphries Associates, you can be sure you’ll receive fast and accurate accounting services. We will ensure that your records and returns are submitted on time and 100% accurate. We will also put your records onto the Cloud so you can access them anytime and from anywhere.

3. Experienced team

We have over 20 years of experience working as Chartered Accountants and have worked with hundreds of clients to help them with their financial affairs. Our team is proud to have worked with many of our clients for decades, providing them with high-quality accounting services and investment advice.

4. Full-service firm

At Humphries Associates, we not only help you with preparing accurate financial and tax records, we also offer our clients actionable investment advice to help them achieve their wealth goals. This combination of services makes us one of the best personal accounting firms in Auckland.

5. Technology-focused

If you want to keep your personal accounting records on the Cloud, we can help you migrate your records to either the Xero or MYOB accounting software platform. Having your records on the Cloud means you can access them anytime to get an accurate and immediate snapshot of your finances.

What our clients say about working with us

“Michael Humphries is an outstanding person and a very fine accountant. He provides a first-class service, and he’s been very good to my business and me. Michael is reliable and impeccably honest and efficient.” Stewart Matthews

Ready to work with a dependable personal accountant?

If you’re ready to work with one of the best personal accountants in Auckland and start paying less tax and maximising your income, give us a call today on 09 634 3150 for a no-obligation chat. We have worked with many Aucklanders to improve their financial health. We would love for you to join us.

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