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Michael Humphries, Director


Your business is unique. We understand this, and take the time to learn how your business works. Whether you need accounting expertise or business advice, we can help. And we guarantee value. This is why so many businesses trust us to see their potential and help them achieve it.

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Accounting Expertise

We’ll streamline your accounting services, get your tax issues sorted, and take care of any other accounting needs to save you time, money and stress. We offer customised packages so that you’ll get the best, most cost-effective solution for your business, trust, or other investments.

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Business Advice

We work alongside your business to help things run smoothly. After all, your success is ours too! We can act as the ‘virtual CFO’ within your business, offer business coaching, help with succession planning, grow your business, or implement smart IT systems. Let us step in and get you the results you want.

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Here’s what our clients have said about us:

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“The team at Humphries Associates has been helping me with my various businesses and personal accounting activities for about 20 years now and that really says something. I’ve enjoyed the relationship and the easy banter.”

Robert Gardien, Gardien Construction Limited & GK Solutions Limited

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“Michael Humphries is an outstanding person and a very fine accountant. He provides a first class service, and he’s been very good to my business and me. Michael is reliable and impeccably honest and efficient.”

Stewart Matthews

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“They were always there to assist me and my businesses when it was tough, and I’ve been able to set up a couple of different businesses with their help. It’s hard to name all of the things that they’ve done because there have been so many.”

Kevin May, Integrated Technology Partners NZ Limited

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“I can be confident that they’ll take care of all my IRD paperwork without being too ‘creative.’ They do things by the book – everything is black and white – which, I think, is the right way to approach it.”

Christine, Onehunga Jewellers

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“They’ve provided my business with an all-round, holistic service that meets our needs. They’ve become an integral part of the team at Waitiri Creek Wines thanks to their ready knowledge and helpfulness.”

Alistair Ward, Waitiri Creek Wines

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“Humphries Associates were instrumental in letting us know the legal aspects of taxation and accounting for selling property. My brother and I inherited the business, but we were novices. However, Humphries Associates were able to guide us and let us know how it should be run.”

Christine Inglis

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“Many years ago I spoke with an ADA, who advised me to stay as an employee. But after talking to the people at Humphries Associates, I decided to venture out on my own, and I now own several companies with revenues over $10m and over 50 employees.”

Tony Portland

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“I would certainly recommend Humphries Associates because they’re very knowledgeable and helpful; you can feel safe with them. It doesn’t matter that they’re located in Onehunga, because they become a part of your business, and Angela has always been very helpful and quick to give me answers when I need them.”

Pisila Maka, Maka Civil Contracting Limited

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