We're not your ordinary, run-of-the-mill accountants. Yes, we can prepare your financial statements and tax returns – but we can also do so much more to help grow your business. That's because when we run reports, we don't just see a bunch of numbers. We see potential. We see what could be there several years from now.

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We're highly trained accountants and business advisers who are also proud members of both Indecoach and the Bstar Alliance (an international network of business advisory professionals). We draw on the collective knowledge, experience, resources, skills, and training of these networks, and we've also invested in our own professional suite of business consulting and growth tools.

In short, when you come to Humphries Associates, you'll immediately have a huge amount of resource to back you and your business. Trust us to help you achieve your business's potential, so that you don't have to leave it in the hands of just another number cruncher.

The Humphries Space

Meet our team

Michael Humphries

Michael Humphries, Director

Michael is the Director at Humphries Associates, a company that he started after working in the commerce sector for a number of years. He previously worked for companies in the Fletcher Challenge group, where he gained significant experience in business management teams. Today, Michael’s primary role is to do coaching and consulting work.

Not only has Michael successfully grown Humphries Associates over the years, but he has also offered his expertise to help many entrepreneurs grow their businesses too. Seeing clients achieve great results in their businesses and personal lives is definitely what drives Michael, and he gives his clients the professional tools that they need to grow and become more profitable. There are, as Michael explains, two ways to know when you’ve helped a client. After a while you’ll know intuitively, but often they’ll tell you that you’ve added real value to their business as well.

Michael always makes sure to find time for a good work and lifestyle balance. A big part of his life is involvement with his local church, spending time with family, and playing sports. Michael sets aside time to regularly play squash, tennis, and golf, go running, work out at the gym, and even fish.

Blair Jarvis

Blair Jarvis, Manager

Blair is well acquainted with the nightmares that keep business owners up at night. Since coming to work at Humphries Associates in 1995 (or Smith Humphries, as it was then), he has learnt all about the fears, worries, and responsibilities of running a business, and he's passionate about implementing practical business solutions that his clients will be happy with. He also takes care of IRD issues for businesses, because he knows that you certainly don't want to be in their bad books.

Ever since he was young, Blair knew he'd be an accountant because he was a natural with numbers – and anyway, accountants rule the world! After graduating in 1995, Blair started working at Humphries Associates and enjoyed it so much that he never left.

Blair prides himself on being a listening ear for his clients, ready to give them advice when they need it. He likes to meet new people, spend time with his family, play the piano at church, and go boating or fishing.

Shalini Cyril

Shalini Cyril, Senior Accountant

Shalini is one of those people who are naturally interested in numbers. That’s why she chose to become a chartered accountant, and has been working in that field for the last ten years. At Humphries Associates, Shalini mainly works in compliance, giving top-level tax and business advice. Shalini’s role is also very client facing, which she loves because it gives her a chance to discuss their needs and make sure they’re met.

When Shalini isn’t busy at work, she likes baking and decorating cakes, and is always happy to bring in a freshly baked birthday cake to the office celebration. Running around after two little ones also helps to keep her hands full!

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