An effective and confident leader knows when to lead, follow or get out of the way.

There is nothing worse than a leader who dictates or obstructs progress by micromanaging or imposing approval processes that slow things down.

The best form of leadership is to delegate and empower staff to get on with their jobs and be there when they need input, advice or simply a sounding board.

In this article, Work On – Not In – Your Business (, March 26, 2010), the author, Ray Silverstein, says, there is a bridge every entrepreneur must cross in order to grow a business beyond a certain point, a point where they must transition from "doing" to "leading."

“It means stepping back from day-to-day operations and slipping into the role of overseer.”

“It also means learning to delegate more significant responsibilities to your employees. But for many entrepreneurs who view their business as their baby, this is more easily said than done.”

Check out Ray’s article. It’s well worth the read and has some handy tips on how to lead, follow or get out of the way so that staff feel empowered to get on with their jobs and you can spend time on your business and not in it.