In this inspiring Ted Talk, Dr Axel Zein talks about bad bosses and how, at some point in our working career, it’s likely we’ll encounter a bad boss.

He talks about a study conducted in America that showed 60% of people were not engaged in their job.

And the main reason these people were not engaged in their work was not because of low pay or a poor workplace or insufficient holidays, it was because of a bad boss.

So why is it that we have so many employees are unsatisfied with their bosses?

Dr Zein states its because of two reasons

  1. The day you become a manager, your job changes totally.
  2. We are not educated to become a manager – but rather, we’re educated inside a hierarchal system of authority that does not necessarily inspire people to follow.

Watch this 15 minute Ted Talk on moving from ‘doing’ to ‘managing and leading’ and how to inspire your team to follow you with loyalty.

And if you’re already a successful manager or leader or business owner, it’s a great reminder of how to do what you do better.