To those who have not met him, Paul was a welcome addition to our team when his firm, JPC Associates, merged with Humphries Associates Limited. Since then, the team at Humphries have enjoyed his cheerful presence in the office, and think of him as one of the family. Paul greets everyone he meets with kindness and good humour, so naturally when a special day arrives, we like to show our appreciation.

It seemed like every other day, however Paul had arrived to work wearing a special pin that read “70”. No doubt a gift he had received that morning to celebrate a new milestone, his 70th birthday.

Paul sat down to his usual lunch which included his regular pumpkin bread sandwiches that the ‘Home Executive’ diligently packs for him every day. Little did he know, just around the corner, members of the Humphries team were hiding in an office, whispering to each other about lighting candles and carefully orchestrating their entrance into the lunchroom to surprise him. Once the cake, balloons and gift were in order, we made our way into the lunchroom with gifts in tow and sang a big ‘Happy Birthday’ (you can see his reaction in the photo – so we mustn’t have been too terrible at the singing part!).

We hope Paul enjoyed his workplace surprise and cannot wait to celebrate more birthdays to come.

Happy 70th, Paul!