In the fast paced world we live in, it’s easy to overlook or ignore the constant stream of emails entering our inbox. Clicking to delete is a common management strategy. So, what can you do to encourage someone to open your email and read it? A great subject line is where you start. A catchy and attention grabbing subject line is more likely to entice your readers to stop what they’re doing and take the time to engage with your communication. Here are some quick tips when constructing the perfect subject lines.

Sweetness and light
No one wants to read the whole email in the subject line. It needs to be short, simple and straight to the point. According to a study done by the email marketing brand MailChimp, the subject line should be no more than 50 characters in length. Sometimes subject lines of just one word can be the most effective and enticing.

Make it urgent
Creating a sense of urgency with call lines like ‘One Day Only’ and ‘Limited Edition’ can grab a reader’s attention and pull them in hook, line, and sinker.

Break the numbers rule
We’ve all been told that we write the word for a number, instead of using the number, but in this instance, it’s more enticing and attractive to readers to see a 5, rather than a five. For example, ‘The top 5 things to get Dad for Father’s Day’. This is simply more visually appealing for your readers.

Ask a question
Asking a question in the subject line instantly starts the reader thinking about an answer, and it spurs curiosity to read further into your email. In a sense, it’s a form of click bait.

Personalise it
If you’ve stored away client information, it’s likely you’ll have birth dates or information on the time they first became a client. Send happy birthday or anniversary emails on these dates in a celebratory tone, letting them know you haven’t forgotten about them.

Take the time to consider subject lines as they are almost as important as the email itself. Without a good one, your carefully crafted text may end up as an instant delete.