That age old saying, ‘family first’, can also be true in the workplace. Your employees, your team, are much like a family unit, and without them you don’t really have a business.

It may sound clichéd, but employees are much like the cogs of a wheel, each performing individual tasks to make sure everything runs smoothly. It’s true, you need clients to make money, but a great team is part of your business’ foundations and to have one you need to lay a little ground work first.

Here are some ways to ensure you are looking out for your team players.

Treat them as individuals
One of the biggest mistakes managers make is forgetting that employees are humans and adults. People have lives and often things come up. Obviously, you don’t want to be a pushover or taken for granted, but occasionally life is tricky and it pays to have an element of empathy when a team member comes to you with an issue.

Be communicative, ask questions and be as understanding as possible.

Go further than email or message communication and make time for face to face interaction. Whether it’s a regular weekly meeting, communal morning tea or Friday afternoon drinks, it’s important to have that interaction.

Interact on a personal level - learn about family, favourite hobbies, television programs or sports teams. By doing this, you will not only build trust, but you’ll also build respect.

Incorporate these few simple things into your daily interaction with employees. It will help you to build a longstanding and loyal staff base. It will also help build your reputation as an employer of choice to draw in higher calibre candidates for positions in the future.